We MAKE Jianbing.

We Think you’ll love it.


What is Jianbing?

Every morning in Shanghai and across China, thousands of people line up to get their daily jianbing fix. The jianbing breakfast is iconic, traditional, and downright delicious. 

Jianbing has its heritage in northern China. If you've had jianbing in China, you've probably tasted jiānbing guǒzi (煎饼果子), which originated from Tianjin and is sold widely in Beijing. If you're a real aficionado, you may also be familiar with shāndōng záliáng jiānbing (山东杂粮煎饼), which originated from Shandong Province and has evolved into a staple of street food culture in Shanghai. The two versions are quite different, and it's after Shanghai's jianbing that we’ve modeled ours. Our jianbing is an exciting combination of sweet and savory, hearty yet light, with an (optional) kick and epic crunch.

Using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible -- and throwing in a few key spices imported direct from jianbing's homeland -- we're committed to honoring jianbing's heritage by making delicious Shandong jianbing that are true to the streets of Shanghai. All of the components of our jianbing are house-made: the chili sauce begins with whole Chinese chilis, the cracker with our made-from-scratch dough. 

We hope that, when you visit Jianbing Company, we can share with you not only our delicious jianbing-centric menu, but also a glimpse of the rich culinary culture and history that surrounds this unique and wonderful Chinese classic.

Join us on a jianbing adventure!

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Making Our Shandong Jianbing

Here’s a quick introduction to our process — as if you weren’t drooling already.


The Batter
面糊 miànhú
Sticking to Tradition

We make our classic jianbing batter with the traditional mix of flours that have been used for centuries. The result is a delicious semi-sweet crepe that stays true to jianbing's roots. Certified by the Better Batter Bureau.

The 13 Sauce
甜面酱 tiánmiànjiàng
Sweet and Savory

If you haven't had our 13 sauce, you're in for a treat. Sweet, savory, and surprising, this sauce sets jianbing apart and will have you clamoring for more!

The Cracker
脆饼 cuìbǐng
Harnessing the Crunch

The cracker gives jianbing its signature crunch. We make our addictive crackers by hand from scratch using a recipe that perfectly balances texture and taste. Prepare for crunchoff.

The Chili Sauce
辣椒酱 làjiāo jiàng
That Extra Somethin'

We like our jianbing with just the right kick, so we make our own chili sauce from scratch. Handmade with dried chiles and raw passion, this sauce draws you in and leaves you glowing. You're either hot or you're not!