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JBCO Entrepreneur’s Workshop

exclusively for Jianbing Company Team Members


Submit your TYPED APPLICATION via email to tadesh@eatjianbing.com

Have a great business idea?

Dream of starting your own company some day?


Beginning in January 2019, Jianbing Company will be accepting applications for its first ever ENTREPRENEUR’S WORKSHOP!

What is the Jianbing Company Entrepreneur’s Workshop?

The Jianbing Company Entrepreneur’s Workshop is a 6 month workshop for dedicated Jianbing Company team members to build the conceptual foundation for their own businesses. Over the course of the workshop, participants will learn and practice a wide range of skills, including:

  • Developing a business idea

  • Writing a full business plan

  • Understanding business financial statements and projections

  • Creating a business 1-pager

  • Delivering a business pitch

  • Building a 1 page business website

During the 6 month Workshop, participants will gather 1-2 times per month for group meetings. During these meetings, participants will learn new skills, review their peer’s work and provide feedback, and continue developing their own business ideas.

Participants are also expected to do many hours of work on their own in between Workshop meetings.

By the end of the Workshop, participants will walk away with:

  • A full business plan, including financial projections (and a subscription to LivePlan)

  • A 2-5 minute business pitch with an accompanying 1-pager

  • A business website (and a 1 year subscription to Squarespace)

Click the button below to download a summary of the Workshop curriculum.

Do I need to do to apply to the workshop?

Yes! The Entrepreneur’s Workshop has limited space. The workshop size is kept small in order to provide each participant with ample attention in 1-on-1 and group settings.

Applicants will be selected for the Workshop based on:

  • application submission

  • work history at Jianbing Company

In the application, you must describe a business idea and provide a personal statement, as well as answer a few other questions. You should spend time preparing your application before submitting, so that you’re presenting the best version of yourself and your business idea.

Click the button below to download the Workshop’s application form. Please submit your TYPED application via email to tadesh@eatjianbing.com no later than January 29, 2019.

What kind of commitment is involved in being part of the workshop?

If you apply and are selected for the 2019 Entrepreneur’s Workshop, you will be expected to dedicate real time to further your concept both during and outside of Workshop group sessions. Workshop sessions will take a total of 2-6 hours per month. You will be expected to complete another 10+ hours per month of work outside of the group sessions. Of course, the more time you put in, the more you will get out of the experience!

Participants may lose their seat in the Workshop if they are not able/willing to commit the time required to prepare adequately in between group sessions.